Aerse - is a biggest product database in the world. It contains product specifications and images from all possible categories. Aerse PRO gives full access to this vast amount of information. It provides unique search by any product attribute. Such powerful search gives ability to easily navigate across various categories, compare products and conducting various kinds of researches.


Aerse arrange all products into multiple categories. It uses several industry-wide classifications like ETIM and GOST. That gives ability to easily define search category.

Standardized data attributes

Single consistent units that could be used to compare products easily and fast. All product specifications are standardized and converted into International System of Units. For example:

2"0.0508 m
12 kg12000 g
12 btu/w*h3.5166948 J•W-1•s-1


Search supports unit in any format. They will be automatically converted into base units. Search by countable attributes supports: exact value, range values, intersection of ranges. For example:

mobile phone
0.1 ~ 0.3 kg


Typemobile phone
Net weight181 g
Depth18 mm
Height101.9 mm