Aerse gives unique opportunity for small vendors to build their own sites-catalogs - Micro sites. These sites help to extent brand awareness across the globe, find potential customers and increase sales, provide complete information about products. Micro site provides the following functionality:

  • Product catalog. Every product has description, pictures and specifications.
  • Contact information, which includes phone, address, email &etc.
  • Product search by name and category

Please read below to get the details.


Micro sites are configured using control panel. Please request invite to access control panel.

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Easy to setup and control

  • Central control panel.
  • Easy to add new product, useful tips and best practices.
  • Import/Export product catalog and much more.
  • Rich product specification.
  • Comletely free.

Powered by Aerse technologies

  • World-wide availability. Aerse deploys Micro sites around the globe. This makes sites faster and attracts customers from different countries.
  • Optimized performance and SEO.
  • Google Analytics support. Promote your Micro site and analyze the results.
  • Comfort design and no ads.


  • Build multilingual site in 1 click. Aerse automatically translates product specifications and interface elements.
  • Currently supports Russian and English languages.