Aerse data


Aerse contains information about thousands of products. This information comes from official sources. Currently the following types of products are supported:

  • Notebooks, tablets.
  • Computer cases, power supplies, motherboards, CPUs, hard disks, memory, video cards, a lot of PCI extension cards, monitors, mice, keyboards.
  • Audio cards, speakers, audio players, TVs.
  • GPS navigation devices.
  • Mobile phones.
  • Semiconductors, microprocessors and DIY electronics
  • Motors, industrial electronics and enclosures
  • Air conditioners, kitchen appliences, refrigirators
  • Beauty
  • Music
  • Books


Specification of product is a list of properties. Each property has name, description, image, value. Each value could be one of the following types:

  • Measurable and countable values. For example CPU frequency and RAM capacity. Such properties could be easily compared. Units only from International System of Units are supported. Aerse could simply express same value using different shortcuts. For example 1000 hz, 1Khz, 0.001 Mhz and etc.
  • Date values. For example release and discontinued dates.
  • Links to other products. For example CPU model used in mobile phone, could be product itself.
  • Compatibility information.
Aerse data

Aerse data


Every product could have none, one or more images. The more images, the more product view angles, more color schemes they represent. Aerse has the following types of images:

  • High resolution images. Show product in great details.
  • Low resolution images with different scale and size. Such images provide better shopping experience on low-speed Internet connections such as mobile phones, tablets or DSL.