Getting started

  1. Connect Aerse maven repository:
  2. Add dependency to project's pom.xml:


Following example illustrates querying for product "Nokia N900":

		Properties props = new Properties();
 		IWareNet warenet = new WareNet(props);
 		try {
 	 		Product result = warenet.findProduct("N900", "Nokia").getProduct();
 		} catch(WareNetException e) {
 			//do logging.

Using with Spring

API could be used within Spring container:

 		<bean class="com.aerse.api.WareNet">
					<prop key="key">0123456789</prop>
					<prop key="lod">1</prop>
					<prop key="lang">en</prop>
					<prop key="pop">en</prop>

Receiving updates

Updates are generated when new product information is available or product information has been updated.

Currently this functionality is in beta state. Please contact to request access.

To establish incoming connection with Aerse following steps must be taken:

  1. Implement callback listener:
     		package com.yourcompany.warenet;
    		public class WareNetListener extends WareNetCallback {
    			public void onProduct(Product product) {
    		 		System.out.println("Received product: " + product);
  2. Add configuration to web.xml:
  3. Package warenet-api.jar and its dependencies into /WEB-INF/lib


java.util.logging is used for logging. The following logger name could be used to log all messages from API: