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One of the main parts of e-commerce business is product catalog. This catalog should be populated with information about products: their specifications and images. This process has the following pitfalls:

  • Incomplete and inaccurate data. Product information comes info product catalog by copy/paste from official sources. Such method is error-prone. Inaccurate and mistyped information leads to poor quality of catalog. Besides manual copy/paste takes long time.
  • Information should be up-to-date. New products in catalog should have specifications, images and other data. To accomplish this content-manager is required. With growing catalog, more support efforts are required. Spends are growing accordingly.
  • Managing product information requires special knowledge about electronics industry and technical background. The broad range of products requires knowledge in various spheres of electronics.


Aerse is a online database with product content. It provides the following benefits for every e-commerce business:

  • Product specifications and high resolution images from official sources. It stores information about electronic products in highly organized way. Details are provided here.
  • Database constantly grows. We serve multiple e-commerce platforms as outsource content provider. The more connected platforms the bigger content database. Special inquiries processed with speed and care.
  • Aerse serves content requests only in automatic mode. We are focused on providing stable and reliable platform.
  • It is free. For special inquiries please contact
Aerse accelerates

Aerse makes rich product content

With Aerse

  • Detailed specifications with high resolution images will attract more customers. According to Jakob Nielsen's research 55% of user failures were caused by bad content.
  • Aerse is outsource content manager. It reduces spends with the same quality of service. Regular updates from Aerse makes content up-to-date at no cost. Aerse is completely free.
  • Automatic content synchronization is much faster than manual. This means fast setup of new e-commerce business or new product launch. Stay focused on business not on technical issues.
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